Frequently Asked Questions

Although the lead times can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the majority of our projects are completed in 3-5 weeks.

Yes, a standard white or black color is an option for back painted glass, which also may help reduce lead time and price.

Yes, back painted glass can be matched to a sample you provide. Whether it’s just a flat color or matching to the detail of wood grain or a countertop, we can do both!

Yes, all types of glass can be back painted, such as patterned glass, frosted glass or digitally imaged glass to create your own unique piece!

No, in most cases annealed glass is ok to use. We do recommend tempered glass in certain situations, such as when directly behind a range top stove or when used in the bathroom. Oasis will work with you to determine what is the best glass to use for your project.

The glass can be cut to fit around existing switches, outlets or notches required for cabinets, and stove hoods, etc. Each project will be precisely measured by our installation experts to assure a perfect fit, Each job is treated individually for the best use and placement of your back painted glass backsplash.

Yes, the back painted glass backsplash will be measured to fit the wall conditions precisely and installed with cut outs for outlets or switches. After the glass is installed, you can apply your own plates and it is recommended that oversized outlet plates be used to help cover the holes. As with most back splashes, the electrical boxes may need to be brought slightly forward by using an inexpensive box extender, which is screwed onto the face of the existing electrical box to accommodate the thickness of the glass.

Although most glass railing projects we complete are 36” or 42” high, the required height will ultimately be determined by the building code for the city or town you live in.

The type of glass and the thickness of glass used for railing projects in most cases is determined by building code. Many times, ½” thick tempered glass is used. Other glass options include ¾” thick tempered and as well as laminated glass. You can also choose from many glass styles, such as clear glass, frosted, digitally imaged and custom laminated colors or patterns. Oasis will assist you with choosing the railing style and the appropriate type of glass for your project.

Oasis offers several different hardware styles for sliding glass panels. Depending on the size of the glass and where the hardware will be mounted, we can walk you through the options of choosing the best application for your room divider. Hardware can be mounted on the ceiling, either flush or recessed. Barn door style tracks, with a modern or traditional flair, can also be mounted to the vertical wall above the door opening.Most hardware styles come in variety of finishes including chrome, brass, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze

Oasis can mount glass either by adhering directly to the wall or using stand offs. Accent walls can be done using back painted glass or by printing your desired image/art work onto glass using our digital imaging process.

We can create glass signs for any bar or business by digitally printing your desired logo, image, or message directly into the glass, which is than super-heated to fuse the image permanently into the glass. The glass is then mounted using any of our wide variety of offset hardware, in the finish of your choice. Lights can be added before final installation by a licensed electrician of your choice.

Oasis offers many glass types for cabinets, doors or furniture. Tempered glass is available clear, frosted or patterned. Switchable privacy glass can be used for interior doors. Back painted glass, antique mirror or digitally imaged glass are also popular options!

Although the final template or measure is typically done from finished conditions, we can help you avoid costly mistakes from the conception of the space right through to the building phase. Back painted glass back splashes are typically measured with finished cabinets and counter tops in place, but pricing and installation questions can be answered while in the planning stage. Glass entry doors or room partitions are final measured with finished walls and flooring, but pricing, hardware and glass options can all be discussed and planned for right from the design phase of the project. Always feel free to call Oasis Specialty Glass with your building plans so we can make sure the proper framing and blocking are included in your plan to assure proper support for your specialty glass project.

Caring and general maintenance for glass is very easy and in fact is one of the reasons is chosen so often as a building product. Back painted glass back splashes are desired for their hypoallergenic qualities and ease of cleaning in the kitchen! A soft microfiber cloth and non-ammonia glass cleaner is typically recommended to clean the glass and hardware as needed. In areas where glass may get wet, such as an exterior glass railing, Enduroshield glass protection can be specified in your order to reduce cleaning time and repel dirt and grime. For deeper cleaning, such as removing graffiti, marking pen, lipstick, paint, sealants or oily films, certain solvents can be used in moderate amounts, including isopropyl alcohol, acetone, toluene or mineral spirits. Follow up with a thorough water rinse, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Avoid highly abrasive or alkaline cleaners on your glass as well as abrasive brushes or razor blades.

Oasis offers several types of glass for conference rooms, room dividers and offices. From switchable privacy glass that switches from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, all the way to digitally imaged glass that can be done in several privacy options such as faded patterns, privacy stripes, etc. The sky is the limit when designing the glass for your project and your Oasis representative will be happy to walk through your specific needs and the available choices for glass.

Door openings require tempered or laminated safety glass. Oasis offers many types of safety glass, such as clear, frosted, switchable, imaged and patterned.

Yes, Oasis offers many types of glass for indoor or outdoor fireplaces as well as high heat environments such as wood burning stoves.