Oasis Creates Glass Enclosure for Indoor Hot Tub

How do you bring your hot tub indoors without creating moisture problems for the rest of your house? Encase it in a glass surround from Oasis Shower Doors and Specialty Glass.
When this homeowner created a steam room and hot tub area within their home gym, moisture was the main issue that had to be addressed. By creating a glass enclosure of 1/2″, low-iron glass, moisture from the hot tub and attached steam shower where locked into this environmentally controlled space. The clear glass opened up the space and created an unobstructed view of the scenery outside. By building the enclosure with recessed ceiling and base channels, little to no metal is visible, creating the illusion of being surrounded by pure glass. The door with fixed transom ensures that the humidity will stay inside the tub area, which has its own climate controls.
Check out the time-lapse video and our photo gallery of this unique installation below. Oasis Specialty Glass is a great solution to separate spaces within your home and still enjoy natural lighting and unobstructed sight-lines.  Each project is custom made and is available in an endless selection of glass options and door types including swinging, sliding and folding. Wether you are building a shower, steam, or bath enclosure or a glass room partition, Oasis glass offers an open floor plan experience, while maintaining an environmental barrier from the rest of the living space, always focussing on safety, integrity, and elegance. Call 800-876-8420 and get a free estimate on your project today!