Oasis Specialty Glass Sponsors The Kids Design Glass Art Exhibit

A small glass creature with blue wings, big yellow feet, and green horns, designed by a kid and created by a professional glass artist.

See creative kid-designed sculptures at The G.W.V. Smith Art Museum

(Springfield, MA, April 20, 2018) – Oasis Specialty Glass celebrates all things glass, that is why we are happy to sponsor this years family fun exhibit “Kids Design Glass”.

Springfield’s George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum has borrowed an eye-catching exhibit from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wash. It will display the artwork until early October and give local children a chance to design their own glass sculptures.

The Exhibit
After kids designed the sculptures on paper, glass fabricators in Washington transformed their sketches into three-dimensional objects. The names of these creations range from “Coyote in Socks” to “Banana Bam!” Numerous children and parents enjoy looking at the creative and humorous works of art. The museum calls these sculptures “funky and fun.”

Design Contest
In July, Springfield-area children will have an opportunity to sketch their own creations. If your son or daughter draws a sculpture and completes a form in the Art Discovery Center, Tacoma’s Museum of Glass will review the design and consider using it to fabricate a glass figure. Kids can participate if they are under 13 years of age.

Entrants may draw plants, animals, people, inanimate objects or other items of their choice. A winner will be selected in September. The museum’s Hot Shop plans to fabricate the artwork on September 22. It will transmit a video in real time via Skype; the winning designer may watch his or her sculpture take shape!

The museum plans to display one copy of this sculpture in Washington and send a replica to the contest winner. This organization could eventually showcase its copy in a temporary location like the G.W.V. Smith Art Museum. The Kids Design Glass exhibit regularly travels across the nation, giving many Americans the opportunity to appreciate youth artwork.

Oasis Specialty Glass has helped make this unique exhibition possible. We sponsor the six-month event to promote and honor the creativity of children. Our business also strives to support local museums, budding artists and fun activities in the Springfield area. We believe that this event offers an enjoyable way to create imaginative art and appreciate others’ creations at the same time.

The Springfield community has supported OSG for a number of years. Our company wants to give back to local families by supporting the creative spirit of New England’s Youth . We continue to serve customers in cities across New England. Our staff installs a variety of custom glass products in homes and businesses. They range from custom shower doors, glass railing systems, to glass backsplashes and entry systems. Please browse the OSG website to learn more.