Does Your Business Need Bullet-Resistant Glass?

While you might not need to stop any bullets, bullet-resistant glass has major benefits.

Bullet Proof Windows at The Gun Parlor in Worcester MA. These windows allow spectators to safely view the shooting range.
Bullet resistant viewing windows were installed by Oasis Specialty Glass to safely separate spectators from the shooting range participants at The Gun Parlor in Worcester MA.

When you own your own business, you often have a responsibility not only to your own interests, but to the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. No business wants to be at risk due to flimsy windows or glass on teller or cashier windows. Whether your business is in a big city or a small town, you want to know that your windows will be secure from breaking.

Bullet-resistant and force-resistant glass both offer you the security you deserve in the place where you make your livelihood. Most Businesses hope to never need protection from bullets, but the worst reality would be to face gunfire without anything between you and incoming bullets. However while gunfire may not be the most probable threat, there are still plenty of reasons to have bullet and force-resistant glass.

Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions to Your Business

Bullet and force-resistant glass are not just effective at stopping or deflecting projectiles, they can also protect your store or business from all sorts of potential damages. If you have a store-front near a street or motorway, errant rocks kicked up from the tires of passing vehicles could mean a broken window or potential injury. If however you have glass that simply does not break or crack under sudden force, the rock will not interrupt the flow of your business. The cost of a broken window is not just replacing it, but also the time your shop or business must cease working to accommodate those repairs.

Prevent Robberies

No store or business wants to find itself on the losing end of a robbery. Often the weakest points of any building are the windows. Locks and doors can be as strong as can be, but if there is an easily broken window, somebody intent upon illegally entering your store will find their way inside. However, if your windows are un-breakable, because you chose to use specialty glass (bullet-resistant or force-resistant), you can assure the integrity of your inventory, as well as mitigate the headache of dealing with being robbed.

A diagram explaining how bulletproof glass works
The numbers of laminate layers and glass layers in bullet resistant glass determine its ability to withstand projectile impacts.

Prevent Actual Bullets (Even if It’s Unlikely)

And finally, in the worst case scenario where a person with a gun is intent upon firing anywhere near your business, you want to know that no bullets (intended or not) make their way past the protection of your transaction windows and walls. You owe it to your employees and your customers to ensure that your place of business is safe from risks of all types, especially the most dire. Bullet resistant transaction windows are available in many levels of protection as rated by Underwriters Laboratory. A safety glass installer can assist you on choosing the right solution based on your security risk.

Durable, Break-Resistant Glass Keeps Your Business Running

Operating a business is a challenge. You have to keep up inventory, manage employees, and cater to customers and vendors. One thing that should not weigh on your mind is whether an accident or act of malicious intent will halt business. Having strong and reliable windows is something you may take for granted, but it is invaluable. Don’t wait for the day when you need to shut down business due to broken glass; contact Oasis Specialty Glass in Massachusetts or Connecticut today to find out all the options you have to make your windows strong and secure. Don’t wait for the worst, prepare with the best.